Many may not be aware that my husband survived a car wreck with a tractor trailer.  Thanks to Almighty God he is not merely alive, but home.  To God be all the glory.  I needed a healthy distraction. As I was washing clothes, I decided to continue to read Jennifer's book "Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come."  Wow! The testimonies are genuine and heart wrenching.  The book is enticing, interesting, and challenges change.  If any woman has ever been through any type of abuse? I strongly encourage, suggest, and recommend that you purchase this book.  It captivate you, and stir up an immense variety of feelings, from anger to rage and relief.  I am not getting paid to write this commendation, but I am a firm believer in spreading good news.  Congratulations Jennifer for writing a book which is transparent!!  Each story has a unique flavor, each page nudges you to continue to read more.  A book that will inspire healthier choices, challenges, and change. Anointed by God!

​-Catherine P.

Mrs. Jennifer Foxworthy,

I have just completed reading your book.  It was finished within two days.  I had my nose stuck in it at any free time I had.  So many emotions and thoughts occupied my being when I read about these horrific stories.

Mrs. Foxworthy, this book touched my heart and I teared up.  You did not hold back on detail in your writing and honestly, even though it made me uncomfortable at times, I believe this wouldn't have had as great of an impact on me if you had withheld those specific details.  So thank you for elaborating in depth with these stories.  I know it must have been hard for all of you.

You and the other ladies in this book are God fearing, strong, hardworking, and inspirational people! I thank all of you for sharing your stories in hope that you can aid other people who might be in an abusive situation and someone who just go out, or better yet, to prevent an abusive relationship from ever taking place.

-Zeke S. 


Reading Jennifer's book and discovering the profound journeys that she, Jamika, Allison, Felicia, Pam, and Karen have endured from isolation, loss of self-esteem, and abuse in all of it's ugly forms, has served to remind me of the triumph of the human spirit.  As a clinical therapist who works with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault everyday, I see victims of all ages, races and genders.  The predominant theme I often hear is "I didn't know I wasn't the only one."  Jennifer's book gives voice to so many who have felt voiceless.  She shows that there is life, love, and happiness after abuse.  The journey can be difficult but the reward of healing and not only surviving, but thriving is worth every step.  If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are not alone.  There exists a strong and viable sisterhood waiting for you to take that first, frightening step.  Speak up and speak out against abuse.  Each one, teach one, that abuse will no longer be tolerated.  Thank you Jennifer for Sharing your story and those of the brave and wonderful women in your book!

-Jennifer L. Edwards, LCPC, NCC

Clinical Supervisor

​Crisis Intervention Center

Jennifer Foxworthy has opened her heart to write about her life courageously. The domestic abuse she lived through and the lessons she learned are strong and beautiful pearls of wisdom for all of us.  Whether you are a woman or man, mature or teen, this book is an example of the deeper purpose we sometimes have through our life experiences.
I truly believe that besides the important lessons Jennifer learned about herself, she was meant to reach many others who will read this book. I bet many readers will identify with aspects of Jennifer's life and the choices she made. Before I found my backbone and my voice, I had my own share of "life lessons."  I would have had my transformation so much sooner had I had Jennifer's book. Read it--at all stages of life, it will teach you the importance of making "sound choices."


As a mental health professional who often works with victims of domestic violence, Mrs. Foxworthy's book "Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come" is one of the tools I utilize during my therapy sessions.  As most DV sufferers feel isolated and alone, her book is a good way to show them that other successful and strong women have been there too.  More importantly, her book shows us that there is hope and that they can leave! I recommend Mrs. Foxworthy's book to not only women who are in an abusive situation, but to anyone who would like to understand domestic violence and how they can help their friends and family members.

​-Deborah Duley, MSW, LGSW

​Owner, Empowered Connections, LLC