My wife and I had the pleasure of listening to Jennifer Foxworthy speak at her Navy retirement ceremony.  Her energy, humor and zest for life captivated and entertained everyone while she delivered her ultimate message of gratitude for past experiences and hope for a better future.  Jennifer's life experience were not always rosy.  But her determination to make lemonade out of every lemon flung her way makes you believe that all is possible.  So, if you need a speaker who will inspire your people, someone who will do it with passion and personal conviction, you need Jennifer Foxworthy!

-Lieutenant Colonel Peter S. Airel, USAF                                                        


Simply put, Jennifer Foxworthy is a phenomenal speaker!  Engaging and enlightening, her charismatic charm and witty sense of humor, continually wins over the audiences' hearts.  She truly loves to help others and that bubbly personality will definitely keep your attention and put a smile on your face.

-Brian Swanson, Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy


Outstanding master of her craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of knowledge of how to weather the storm with grace as a minority and woman (African American) in a male dominated field.  I have no doubt that Jennifer's warm, spontaneous personality and positive attitude helped her overcome all the adversity as she beat the odds.  Insightful and brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn in or out of the Navy.  She's the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any Sailor, woman, and mother should be measured.  She motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get results.  Bravo Chief Foxworthy, Bravo.

-Toni Foreman                                                                    


After 25 years in the Navy I can safely say that I've attended over 100 military retirement ceremonies.  Every retiree has succeeded in carrying on Naval traditions.  Some have been articulate speakers, but most ended up a weepy mess while attempting to express their pride of military service at the expense of their prepared speeches. 

But not at Chief Jennifer Foxworthy's "Celebration of Service!"  You could FEEL the love in the cavernous assembly hall as soon as you walked in.  Jen had cultivated this love with every single Navy shipmate and family member, and now it was all in one place at one time.  When she spoke I stood in total awe of this proud woman and Navy Chief as she somehow managed to speak from the heart while remaining focused enough to deliver many messages on many levels.  It was standing room only and I felt honored and blessed to have my two square feet of real estate at what I instantly knew would be a special event.  Those lucky enough to have been her guests that day left feeling like they were better human beings for having been there.

     I look forward to following Jen's new career, and you can bet that I will be staking out my "two square feet of real estate" at as many of her speaking engagements as I can!

-Julia M. Grodski, Master Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy

It gives me great pleasure to inform all that Jennifer C. Foxworthy is an exceptional encourager to inform others how life experiences has developed her in the challenges that she has faced to become an overcomer.  Jennifer in her advancement to support her country has given all to those who have the heart to receive.  Her calm patience and manners has helped her to never give up or give in to those who thought she could not.  But the Spirit within her made it possible to achieve and give great help to all those she works with.  When frustration was at an all time high, Jennifer never let those things stop her.  Her firm quality of knowledge from the training she received along with remarkable problem solving abilities are rare indeed.  I believe she has what it takes to continue a successful and bright future to help and encourage others.

-Senior Pastor: Pastor Thaddeus L. Godwin, Sr., Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Candid, heartfelt, humorous and encouraging are but a few words that come to mind when describing Jennifer's persona.  She has the ability to use herself and experiences in ways that only she can. Jennifer's unique ability to connect to her audience inspires engagement and opens up the door to real dialogue, which is something that every speaker hopes to achieve.  If there is such a recipe for inspirational speaking, she's got it!  

​-Cordon Daley, MSW, LCSW-C, LTJG, MSC, USN

Jennifer Foxworthy is an awesome teacher, awesome motivational speaker, and really has a heart to see people's lives changed. She has come to our church on several occasions and spoken on domestic violence, her military career, and how she has overcome adversity.  I highly recommend her gift to anyone that is looking for a life-changing experience.

-Minister Aaron Foreman, Oasis of Victory Christian Church International

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, Jennifer Foxworthy visited Berks Technical Institute (BTI) as a guest speaker for the Criminal Justice program.  The leadership of BTI cannot express its heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the life changing message Mrs. Foxworthy conveyed during her presentation.  Staff and students alike were challenged to self-exam themselves for an understanding of their worth as well as to find the purpose for which they were created.  

Mrs. Foxworthy accurately embodies her profession title of "inspirational and motivational speaker" as the community of BTI felt and continues to feel inspired and motivated by her words of challenge and encouragement.  If one is looking for a life changing speaker and motivationalist, Mrs. Foxworthy encompasses it all with her multifaceted experience, expertise, and encouragement.

-Cindy A. Strawbridge, Criminal Justice Associate, Berks Technical Institute

​Mrs. Foxworthy gives her all when speaking to her audience. She accepted my invitation to speak at Career Team, LLC in September (during our Friday Motivation Workshops) and our customers are forever changed because of her. She came to motivate and share her story. She encouraged them to plan and live out their purpose. She is unapologetic about her courage, strength, and confidence. Her story empowers others to not allow their past to predict their future. She is truly an inspirational speaker. Not only were our women encouraged, I too was left motivated to not give up on my dreams, get out of my own way, and get out of my comfort zone. Don’t miss out on her message.

-Kristi Love, Career Development Specialist, Career Team, LLCv