I attended the Unstoppable You Conference in May 2015 and It was so empowering! The women there truly inspired me. I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to start anew. All the presenters was carefully selected and imparted wisdom in each area of life from finances, health, marriage, wellness, beauty, spirituality and even self defense! This conference was so well rounded and there is no way you could leave the same way you came in! Jennifer is a God send and has truly poured her heart and soul into this blessed ministry! If you have the opportunity to be blessed by this conference, Please go!!! You do not want to miss this experience!

Jalil Lindsey-Lowe

I'm  still in awe of this wonderful event!  Such an inspirational and motivational empowering conference bought to Charlotte by Jennifer Foxworthy and presented by unstoppable people from right here in our community.  Everything was well planned and carried out.  The plan is to have this be an annual event.  You do not want to miss it!  I'll be there!

-Annie Sue Brown

I want to encourage any female to go to hear Jennifer Foxworthy's Unstoppable You Women's Conference when she is in your area.  I had the pleasure and wonderful experience to meet and hear her speak at Shoreline Church in Ft. Walton Beach on August 8th.  It was just amazing she is filled with such love, passion, and just an inspirational person.  She has truly changed my life so much in such a short time.  I am truly blessed!  For those of you that are unsure let me tell you, you should go and hear Jennifer! You won't be disappointed I promise you.  Love & Blessings Always Jennifer.  Can't wait to see you next time.  I'll always be one of your fondest followers and promoters!

-Laurie Del Vecchio

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Prepare to be Uplifted!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Are the three words that I use to describe the Unstoppable You Women's Conference. I attended the May 2, 2015 conference in Norfolk, VA, and it was nothing short of amazing! Jennifer Foxworthy and her panel of speakers were inspiring and uplifting! If you have not attended this conference, please find one coming to a city near you and do yourself the favor of attending. You will not be disappointed!!!


Suffolk, VA

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The purpose of this event is to empower ALL men, women, and teens to take personal responsibility in aligning her mind, body and soul.  This event will also provide an opportunity to unite, network and uplift one another personally and professionally. 

Inspiring testimonies and wonderful time of fellowship.  God is at work in the hearts of women!!!  I enjoyed every minute of the conference and feel empowered to be a better woman.  I recommend every daughter, mother, wife, aunt, sister and woman attend this conference!

​Maggie Flynn

Unstoppable You was amazing! I am still in close contact with several of the women I met there to help make each other Unstoppable! Your vulnerability and love for The Lord shines bright Jennifer!  Keep obeying and spreading your testimony and He will change so many lives through you!

​So blessed to be a part of it!


Jennifer's first annual conference at the Holiday Inn in November 2013 was encouraging and enlightening.  Every speaker came forth with their own inspirational story with God being the center.  We interacted with strangers and some us walked away friends.  I, being a vendor, enjoyed meeting everyone and found products I would never had been introduced to if I had not been attending.  The food selection was delicious and I actually wish we had more time to mingle.  Thank you for a wonderful day!

Deborah Eisenhart


I really do believe in divine connections and that God brings certain people in our lives to help us to the next level in fulfilling our purpose.  Fortunately, I am thankful to be related to someone who not only built my confidence level up by her inspirational speaking conference, but I received so much more! I learned about the women in my community and met women who are living testimonies of faith, courage and strength! I cannot wait to attend the next conference...who knows, I may be the next speaker! Thank you so much Jennifer.

​Whitney Doweary


This I know this is true- God must really love me to place me in a family that is full of talent, unconditional love, and compassion with unshakeable spiritual foundations.  Needless to say, Jennifer Foxworthy has taken these values to a whole new level by emerging as an exceptional motivational speaker.  She uses her own life story to show how, against all odds, a person can rise above their respective circumstances and accomplish great and wonderful things.  There are not enough positive, descriptive adjectives in the dictionary to describe an encounter with Jennifer with all that she does to encourage, inspire and motivate. 

Proudly submitted,

​Barbara Jean Thompson